X-Message-Number: 13552
Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 11:58:13 EDT
Subject: Re: CryoNet #13535 Dave's land

John deRivaz suggest to use real estate loans to finance cryonics
suspension. This may be the "killer ap." (bad words for the subject:-)
of cryonics marketing. What about a first try  in John's land near
Portowant (sp?).

My two pence along these ideas: I suggest to sell virtual houses. 
When you buy one, you may stand in a house of a network. You could
stay for example four months in arizona, then move  for 3 months to southern
UK, go to France's south for 2 months, jump in Australia for some time and
end the year in Russia. In each place there would be a cryonics service.
You own one house but you use many in a year.

Travel is now a life mode for retired, be "glued" to a single place may be
tedious for many. twenty years from now it may be simply unthinkable.


nomy.  The night air is very clear.
 >I think it would be nice to have an astronomy building, even though it
 >might have to start out small.??

I am building an owen to bake 40" blank glass (to put them in the good
shape and supress internal tensions) and I can polish mirrors up to 80".
My biggest completed mount up to now is a 33" system, alt-az on
equatorial plateform. This summer I hope start a klin for making 160"
blanks. It will be used too for heating a 12 kW metal vapor laser.

My own site is near a wild area, with sea and salt lakes nearby, I 'll put
here the most offensive items, such big lasers pumped by shock waves:-)

If there is an astronomy componment in your project, I am a candidate
to bring a 1 m telescope.


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