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Subject: Location and children
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 00:27:31 +0200


PR for another serious matter. Would You like a better chance to live again?
Read and be serious over this page: http://expage.com/page/cryonics

> Best of luck with the idea.  Hopefully someone can follow up with a
> European equivalent someday.

Where are you and where do you wish it to be?

> >
> >Where else than France is it delays?
> >
> I know there is a similar problem in Germany with long imposed ischemic
> I don't know the situation in other country, from my informations, only UK
> "not too bad".

Better check with our German friend and the others, or move to UK if not US

> Even in free cryonics countries, long delay is and will be a problem, even
> reversible cryopreservation can be realized in ideal cases. Outside
> dedicated community "a la Pizer", many (most) case will fall in the
> suboptimal domain and uploading will be the sole possibility to "get

We better get together then and find an nice place to live in.

I checked last night on the weather for Prescott near Pizer's place, after
all the nice PR we read here for us friends. Without looking for records I
found -10C (0C=32F) in winternights, that's damned cold even here and must
mean a lot of ice and sliding as I disgust. Better in the summer to get away
from the dry air and heat in the Valley as some complain of. After reading
those plans again I can see its a new businessproject where we may come in
4-5 years from now.
I am still searching for a place to stay all year, without snow ice heat
(100F) naturaldisasters and bad tapwater, anywhere in the world. Found some
close to it. Soon I settle down for family-life in second best tired of

By the way and changing subject a bit, are children a benefit or a burden at
the end to our ideas?
If they not are devoted Cryonicists I assume they can be a threat.

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