X-Message-Number: 13562
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 19:57:27 -0400
From: gary tripp <>
Subject: Re: Wireless On-Patient Interface for Health Monitoring

In Message #13556 Eugene Leitl writes:

>Sensors 2000! has developed an easy-to-implement wireless biotelemetry
>system -- called the Wireless On-Patient Interface for Health
>Monitoring (WOPI) -- that can non-intrusively measure the health
>parameters of humans and animals in space. The device's sensors, which
>are connected to miniature transceiver modules, are implanted,
>ingested, or attached to the body with Band-Aids. Sensors communicate
>with a belt-worn device that retransmits or records the data and also
>sends basic commands to each sensor. The device also displays a quick
>status of all physiological and biological parameters.
>The system can be expanded to include wireless actuators as well, for
>instance infusion pumps or other drug delivery systems.
>Physicians could use the system to observe their patients remotely and
>get continuous access to patient health data. This type of home
>monitoring means patients could be released from hospitals
>earlier. The technology also has potential applications in athletics
>and emergency-response activities.
>For more information on this product contact Mike Skidmore

Clearly, this is important stuff as it will revolutionize the delivery of
health care potentially saving billions of dollars in health care costs
in the process.
It also means that rather than waiting for a disease to develop to the 
point where heroic and expensive intervention is required, medicine could
take a more proactive approach to treatment.


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