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Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 22:03:39 -0500
From: david pizer <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #13533 - #13543

At 05:00 AM 4/13/00 -0400, CryoNet wrote:

>From: "John de Rivaz" <>
>How about offering chalets, villas or whatever they are called as
>investments for young cryonicists on a basis similar to what follows:


This is an interesting plan if we needed to raise money.  It has benefits
for all the players.

For the time being, I hope to supply the funds to build the resort portion.
 Profits from the resort will go to underwrite some of the activties (like
public relations) of the cryonics community.


>The youngs could discover, astronomy, quantum optics with lasers, rocket
>engines, biochemistry, electronics and computing, geology and paleonthology
>(a way to get a glimpse to long time duration) and life extension-cryonics.
>These last subjects would be integrated in their world representation along
>computers and video. Cryonics would not be anymore a late and painful
>to a mature psychology, it would be a natural part of the world, learned from

Most of the people in cryonics that I have come in contact with over the
last 20 years seem to have interest in the things you mention.  We want to
offer things that are stimulating and make people want to associate with
each other.

Mike Perry wants to have a "Life Extension University" some day.  

>From: "Thomas Nord" <>

>Santa Fe? A style?

"Santa Fe" is a style of building popular around the southwest.  The walls
are tall adobe-style with flat roofs.  Sometimes you see the log-pole beams
sticking out of the wall.  There is a lot of rustic wood trim.

>> David Pizer

>To get more intersted I would as a businessman put Life Extension first as
>most like, Cryonics only as comes after may be to thin to live together
>without something more. Like finding a Cryonist-spouse, there better be
>something more than Cryonics.
>Most of us are into both, but if the village will be to small, that is an
>option to avoid to much common folks running around.


Its true that cryonics is a part of an overall life extension philosophy.
We have been thinking about featuring (or catering to people who are
interested in) life extension (which has many more followers than just
cryonics) and then introducing them to cryonics when they come for a
seminar or vacation.
>From: Simon Carter <>

>What thought is being given to nursing facilities, and a hospice for
>cryonicists in their terminal stage?

Yes.    The over-all facility is actually several facilities in one.  Part
of it is a resort open to the general public.  Part of it is a community
for cryonicists.  The resort part generates the profit to underwrite some
of the cryonics-public-relations activities.  Some buildings can be used
both by customers of the resort and residents of the cryonics community.
For instance:  a gym, a spa, ball game courts, hiking trails, meeting and
conference rooms, a restaurant, open park-like areas along the creek.

There should be a nursing home and hospice in the cryonics community part
of the over-all facility.  

There also should be a place for the initial part of cryonics (not the full
suspensions, but a place for wash-outs to stablize the patients until
*their* cryonics service provider can take possession and complete the
transport and suspension.

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