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Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 22:22:17 -0500
From: david pizer <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #13544 - #13551

At 05:00 AM 4/14/00 -0400, CryoNet wrote:

>From: Joseph Kehoe <>
>A library/study area would be good. 

Yes, that is planned for.

> If there were office units
>available then people could work from there and I think that a shared
>high speed Internet Link would be a good idea.  That would allow
>people to work there easily, as well as live there.
>The more self contained it is the better.

There has been interest in high speed links.  Ryan will comment more on
this later.

>From: "ECO" <>

>I guess we can compare the new place with Prescott in climate etc snooping
>on Internet?

We are 20 miles west of Prescott.  Prescott elevation is 5000 feet.  We are


>Mr. Pizer,
>While I applaud your idea of a cryonics community, (and the fact that you
>actually DOING something about it-- investing your own money), it seems to
>that a forty acre site is going to seem rather small in the not too distant 

Its a start.  The forty acres will allow a small resort and perhaps 10
free-standing houses or 20 apartments (or some sort of combination) for the
cryonics community.  This will also include a restaurant, conference rooms
and other non-resident buildings.  There are 2 other parcels that touch the
bottom of my 40 acre parcel.  I am presently trying to buy one of them.
Eventually I may also buy the last one. All the parcels would be a total of
100 acres.  These parcels are bordered by government owned land that will
be used for a national forest park some day.

The total residential potential (if we acquire the rest of the land) is
probably 30 houses and 30 apartments.  If we ever fill that up, then we
will have to acquire more land that is about 3 miles away.

> I live in a resort area of northern Michigan, and am quite familiar 
>with cabins, condo's, resorts and other vacation rental facilities.  It
>to me that a project of the scope you are planning would require two or
>hundred acres (at least to start).

It would be nice, but we don't have those resources to start.

>Is there room for expansion when revenues start coming in?  I may have a 
>different outlook than most, since I live on five acres (which seems modest 
>to me-- a square only 468 feet on a side).

If we outgrow what I mentioned above, I feel confident we can find a way to

>The ideas of gardens and greenhouses are excellent!  Perhaps a community 
>bonfire pit/storytelling circle could also be included?
>Maybe there are some architects and/or landscape designers who are 
>cryonicists and would be willing to do some design work in exchange for
>in the community?  Or sculptors, etc...  The more attractive you can make
>resort, the more paying visitors (and permanent residents) you will have.  
>Maybe I'm out in left field somewhere, but I'm thinking of Taliesin, (or 
>something along those lines )which would be as compelling.
>Just a few thoughts, hoping to be helpful.

Thank you for your suggestions.

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