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Subject: Re: real estate loan alternative
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 12:44:50 +0100

A problem with employers insurance is that there may be limitations to
beneficiaries, the worker may not want his employer to know about his
cryonics interest (eg he works as a cryobiologist), but the main problem I
see is the fact that in the future people are very unlikely to work at the
same job for more than 5 years. Lord Rees-Mogg (see yesterday's cryonet)
thinks that the future of employment lies in most individuals being
sub-contractors rather than employees, and indeed this trend is evident in
many areas right now. Chrissie said only this morning that lecturers at her
old college were now all on one year contracts rather than endless
employment. An employee between contracts is likely to be uninsured, or at
best only under limited cover based on previous payments.

But it is good that people are thinking of many different ways to funding
cryopreservation. The more there are, the better than chances of

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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> Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 11:46:38 -0700 (PDT)
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> Subject: real estate loan alternative
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> > John deRivaz suggest to use real estate loans to finance cryonics
> > suspension. This may be the "killer ap." (bad words for the subject:-)
> > of cryonics marketing. What about a first try  in John's land near
> > Portowant (sp?).
> >
>     Another resource that could be used to help finance post mortem
> endeavors might be from a worker's company paid insurance plan.
> However for most workers this is by itself insufficient to pay for
> cryonics. It remains to be seen whether a high quality brain only
> cryopreservation might not be feasible with this
> insurance. Experimentation is lacking.

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