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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: should cryonicists have children?
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 14:45:13 PDT

Eco wrote:
By the way and changing subject a bit, are children a benefit or a burden at 
the end to our ideas?  If they not are devoted Cryonicists I assume they can 
be a threat.

I think the decision to have children is a very personal one for each 
couple.  I realize that children can be somewhat of a financial burden but 
not to the extent that one can no longer afford to have a suspension policy, 
as long as a person has a decent income to start with and budgets their 
money well.

Sometimes, within a couple, only one member is a cryonicist.  This can be a 
real problem right there if the non-cryonicist partner is very unfriendly 
toward the whole idea.  Children usually reflect the attitudes of their 

I would think children(especially born in our high-tech age) would readily 
accept the idea of cryonics.  Realistically, they would understand it is a 
gamble, but one that is worth it.  And it is even possible that within the 
lifespan of a child born in the next five years, that longevity medicine 
will succeed to such an extent as making cryonics unnecessary.

Oneday I would like to have children.  I think seeing the world through 
their eyes would be very exciting.  I would want them to have an educational 
foundation in their life far better then what I have, so they could move 
toward any life goal they decide on.  They would live to see so many 
incredible things come about and they would have me to say "back when I was 
your age we didn't have nano replicators and we survived just fine!!"

Again, it is a very personal decision but I think to fully fathom the human 
experience it is an important thing to do when one has the right partner and 
is ready.


John Grigg
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