X-Message-Number: 13574
From: "ECO" <>
Subject: Cryoville and Swedish taxes
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 03:22:34 +0200

Prescott at 5000 feet have down to -10C and that's not unusual, should it be
that much difference in Cryoville half an hour west at 4000 feet when Phx is
at 1500 feet and gets close to 0=32F sometimes?
We are getting older, falling on ice should not be an option. I hate that
here so I'm wearing boots with icegrips.

Swedes cant just move out to avoid taxes, it takes many years to get out of
that system, then we are only allowed to be here under 6 months/year and
dont have any permanent residence, and will of course not get any benefits
in an emergency as otherwise.
Not like IRS here it seems, but they do check a lot.

Thomas Nord

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