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From: "Scott Badger" <>
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Subject: Re: Uploading vs. Reanimation
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 21:44:36 -0500

OK.  So maybe uploading does comes along first.

But how much longer will it take for nanotech?

Because if I had to choose between the two, I would definitely choose nano.

Why?  Because if I upload, I have to deal with extremely thorny questions of
identity (e.g. Am I a copy who thinks I am the original?).  If I am
reanimated with my original brain, I will 'know' that I am the original.
Right?  Maybe this issue doesn't bother others, but I would rather be
reanimated and have the opportunity to see what existence is like for those
who are uploaded before I approve that procedure without any such

But if I knew in advance that it would take an extra 100 years to develop
nanotech mature enough to achieve repair and reanimation, I don't think I'd
want to wait that long.  How long would I wait.  Uh, hard to say.  But
realistically, I don't think nano will be all that far behind uploading.  AI
will figure it all out in pretty short order.

Even so, it does bring up the question . . . As a member of ALCOR, I don't
recall being asked which option I would choose.  I'll have to give them a

Vita Perpetuem,

Scott Badger

"Cryonics - The alternative is unacceptable."

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