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From: "Brook Norton" <>
Subject: About those who are not yet signed up
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 14:05:45 -0700

In Message #13569, Rudi Hoffman, who sells cryonics insurance, said in no
uncertain terms that it was a very bad idea to not sign up NOW for cryonics.
(Rudi, as an aside, I grew up in New Smyrna Bch.)  I followed/contributed to
Cryonet for about seven years before signing up.

I believe in what cryonics has to offer about as much as anyone and am
reasonably optimistic about its working.  But I don't feel there's such a
hurry for younger people... I'm 39.  If I for some reason could not sign up
for 10 more years I wouldn't be too worried about it.  What are the odds
that I need to be cryopreserved?  Very, very, small.  I know, I know, if I
was killed in an auto accident I'd be lost forever, but still, what are the
odds?  Very, very slim that I will die in the next 10 years.

So if you're young and healthy, go ahead and sign up.  It really isn't too
hard and does provide some insurance against untimely death.  Besides, you
get some piece of mind and set a good example.  But its not urgent.
Consider the odds and act accordingly.  If your old or in bad health, see
Rudi's message about why you really shouldn't put it off any longer.

Brook Norton
aerospace engineer in S.CA
CI member

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