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Subject: Russia. Children. Worlds oldest?
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 01:37:39 +0200

Crimea used to be nice by the Black sea, where the rich and the top had a
resort before. That's Ukraine isn't it, but is it a politically democratic
stabile now? Cheap it is like our countryside far away, but it most be more
with a good infrastructure near a large city with low-crime, good legal
structure and no tributes to the Mafia etc. Thats the problem in former USSR
where I have some invested for some time in an Russian fund, so I keep an
eye on it.
Even if the prices are low I cant imagine any Cryonicist taking a gamble to
live in the east for the moment, no offense to you who are used to it but we
aren't. When things get better the prices will go up I guess. People are
going the other way now, incl. some nice well educated Russian girls I've
seen on Internet who like to get out from a poor life its said on the page.
I dont wish to be a farmer, but tempt us, I for one is not a poor man but
even hesitate for the thought of taking a plane the hour over to S:t
> I would think children(especially born in our high-tech age) would readily
> accept the idea of cryonics.  Realistically, they would understand it is a
> gamble, but one that is worth it.  And it is even possible that within the
> lifespan of a child born in the next five years, that longevity medicine
> will succeed to such an extent as making cryonics unnecessary.
As I mention on my page http://expage.com/page/cryonics  "No eternal genes
or cure for aging will protect you against accidents, criminals or sudden
There will not be cures against everything in sight so far, it may be but we
have no idea when.
Children are nice, at least mostly when they are small, but can be in a
legal battle over the estate if the legal papers isnt very secure for

Worlds oldest?
>     All in all, not bad for a women who, according to church records
> turned 125 in January.
>     In fact, Dominicans beleieve Israel is the world's oldest person.
>     This nation's Roman Catholic archdiocese issued an official
> baptismal certificate just in time for Israel's birthday, declaring that
> she was born Jan. 27,1875. The document confirms an entry a
> neighbour unearthed in December in a tattered church registry,
> which recorded Israel's baptism on Jan 30 of that year.

Reliable? I'll send it on here to the media. I guess its true compared to
the others who lived in a nice and warm climate as seem to be some benefit.

>     Based on that certificate, Israel's friends have submitted her
> name for inclusion in the next edition of the Guiness Book of World
> Records, which will be out in October. And since Sarah Knauss,
> the record holder listed in the lastest edition, died Dec 30 at age
> 119 in Allentown, Pa., Israel appears to have a good shot.

The oldest living then perhaps, Jean Calment died in Arles at age 122.


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