X-Message-Number: 13585
From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Cryonics and sloppiness
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000 04:14:15 +0200

Hej,  I just got a mail from a dear friend and Cryonicist who's got very ill
at the age of 43, and reminds me of an earlier subject of me here.
Before I knew I had to stay alive until all illnesses can be cured and aging
stopped, rejuvenating at the best in the next step. Then on top of that is
Cryonics now, if we cant get the other in time. So I try to live and eat as
wise as possible to live a long life, my friend doesn't as a smoker etc. How
many of You are smoking?
I think there is a little risk one may be a bit sloppy with this life, when
signed up, hoping for the next, or having a spouse in suspension already.
Therefore I stress that we better behave in this life, to get a better
suspension as late as possible, and see Cryonics as a third alternative
burial with the only chance to get back, as may not work but is better than
the others.

Thomas Nord

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