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From: "Thomas Nord" <>
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Subject: SV: CryoNet #13579 - #13586
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 00:39:24 +0200

> >> Best of luck with the idea.  Hopefully someone can follow up with a
> >> European equivalent someday.
> >>
> >
> >Where are you and where do you wish it to be?
> >
> I am in Ireland.
> Given that the only place in Europe offering a cryonocs facility is in
> England I would guess England.  The SE of England has a nice climate,
> stable government and no major fault lines/volcanos...
>  I think that some other people are trying to set up a facility
> elsewhere but I reckon that government red tape will hold that up for
> quite some time.
> Joseph.

Theres Alcor UK with a presetup since many years, needing US staff to help
still if nothing is changed. Barry Albin in London can do and has done more
or less the same job for CI, perhaps a lot faster.
Otherwise its better in climate than what we have in Ireland and Sweden, but
the Brits are fleeing to Spain mostly to get better weather, so do I;-) But
think it can be setup anywhere, perhaps not in France, with some flexibility
to the laws and rules, it can be done here also with the laws we have as
also can be adjusted.
With a nice setup in the right place, warm and nice where elderly like to
live, I guess its just as easy to sell more timespace than timeshare
apartements. One  in US and one in EU, if not else of social and financial
reasons one in each place. Up here my mother dont even take Cryonics on as a
gift, in Spain are we more cheerful, I never wish to go back when I'm there,
but had to then. Live and let live.
My other idea is to get funeralparlors as agents all over, they like it
here, against a small profit. May turn into big business with a small profit
when I get the time soon I hope, if nobody else picks it up before me.

> I would like to state a different point of view to Mr Hoffman's on
> funding. I think that there should be many different methods as possible
> suit different people's requirement, and I certainly don't want Mr Hoffman
> to go away or shut up. On the contrary I want to express my thank to him
> taking the trouble to make the contribution of his articles. We all need
> hear as much as possible about the benefits of different methods of
> and eventually to make our own choices.

As far as I know theres 3 more or less secure ways of paying.
Life-insurance, a trustfund, or a paymentplan such as CI has.

> Subject: Re: Should cryonists have children?
> Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 11:20:33 -0700
> My feeling?  YES!
> Apart from signing up for cryonics yourself and getting your money in
> to fund it through at least solid life insurance (I have), the best
> insurance for making it through the "soft ice" of cryonics suspension is
> have a dedicated family who will live on and support your decision for
> yourself and them and THEIR children..

Yeah thats best if we can afford a bit to all, but anyone may turn gready at
the end.

> Marry someone you love who will support a comittment to life on earth.
> up your spouse.

Most like living, some oppose Cryonics, so one better start with one who
doesnt. Otherwise divorce and get another one was the mening in sci.

> Have children you will teach to keep a comittment to life on earth for
> and family.  Sign up your children.

But they must get along with the idea, cant get rid of them if they dont. My
mother dont even take it as a gift when I've offered to pay.

> They will then carry on the family tradition and dedicated higher purpose
> until we all see a truly amazing family reunion as depicted in THE FIRST
> IMMORTAL. (I might remind you that that marvelous novel was all about the
> SMITH family!)

Nice goal but its hard to sell the idea... as we all know...


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