X-Message-Number: 13593
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 00:02:27 EDT
Subject: Brain reading, the beam structure.

 Making lenses and optical elements:

Here, i start to see at design problems in the X-ray brain reading
system. All x-ray optical componments must be produced with
near atomic scale precision. A way to do this is to use the time
honnored photolithography process of the electronics industry.
To go beyond the half wavelength limit of the lithographic process,
the simplest way may be to use correlated photons. the technology
is now near 0.1 micrometer, with p correlated photons we can have
a precision gain of 2p. Dye lasers can correlate up to 200 photons
this would allows a line width in the 0.25 nanometer range or two
atoms tick. (beyond making X-ray optics, this system would open
wide the nanotech domain).

Bunched elementary beams:

Lenses can not get bigger than 3 mm in diameter for stability reason.
Each beam is so limited to this scale. A QND interferometer able to
read a brain would in fact contains something as 1000 elementary
beams. The beam bunch could be taken by low quality lenses made
from graphite. Low quality means here "with defects larger than the
X-ray wavelength. This is neverthless submicrometer precision.

Reading in 3d with holography:

Each beam will be in fact the sum of two waves. We need in effect
to probe a brain (or another biological organ) in 3 dimensions. To
define where a potential interaction between the beam and the brain
takes place, we must cancel the interaction everywhere but at single
place. This may be done by holography, with two waves . Each cancel
the other nearly everwhere, only a single spot remains as a potential
interaction site.

The linear polarizer:

All starts with linearly polarized rays, the simplest way to get such
rays is to pass elliptic polarization (ordinary polarization) throughout
a filter made from many thin slices: one able to transmit the rays and the
next opaque. The transmitting slice must be thin as seen from the 
wavelength of the ray. this is another atomic scale manufacturing


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