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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: procrastination...
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 00:05:30 PDT

Brook Norton wrote:
So if you're young and healthy, go ahead and sign up.  It really isn't too 
hard and does provide some insurance against untimely death.  Besides, you 
get some piece of mind and set a good example.  But its not urgent.  
Consider the odds and act accordingly.  If your old or in bad health, see 
Rudi's message about why you really shouldn't put it off any longer.

When discussing a cryonics policy, you are correct in saying it can be 
procrastinated without that much worry for awhile at least.  But time is of 
the essence when it comes to obtaining life insurance to fund a cryonics 
policy, because as one gets older the rates get higher.  And worst of all, a 
unforseen illness could strike that makes one unable to even get life 
insurance.  I would like to hear more of Mike Darwin's experiences in this 
regard.  I'm sure Fred Chamberlain and Robert Ettinger could also tell some 
sad tales.

best regards,

John Grigg
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