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Date: Tue 7 Nov 89 07:59:56-EST
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: cryonics #135 - Re: Cryonicists and Nazis
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[ Two messages are appended below.  One that I received today and one that
  was received Sept. 27 (while I was away) and managed to not get distributed
  to the mailing list. (Better late than never!) - KQB ]

Dear Steve:

I like you. You're always quite earnest. I may be wrong, but whenever I've 
met people like Kloesner they are not the sort who would believe you. Or me.
No matter how long we go on. You're quite right in everything you say, but
I think we'll simply have to grin and bear it ... and remember that these
people are a tiny minority. And be thankful for that.

From arpa!A.ISI.EDU!TKD Wed Sep 27 08:26:28 EDT 1989
Date: Wed 27 Sep 89 08:26:28-EDT
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: Re: cryonics #131 - We're all Nazis!
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Oh come now! I've been called far worse than Nazi. That kind of thing 
comes with the territory of taking up new and unpopular ideas.

It is true that any group which falls behind technologically can expect 
to receive TROUBLE in one form or another. The reason for this is natural
selection at its rawest. Nobody advocates natural selection, it just is.

As for viruses (nanotech or other) designed to change us by someone else,
I'd have this to say. I've written elsewhere that disease will someday
become entirely human-derived, either by someone's error or someone's
deliberate choice. That is exactly
what the idea of "viruses changing people's opinions" is about. We will
simply have to develop our immune system further ... something hardly
without precedent, since vaccines do just that.
			Thomas Donaldson

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