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Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 00:12:50 +0100
From: Phil Rhoades <>
Subject: Non-US repository and "dieoff"

In response to:

>Message #13611
>Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 06:07:03 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Gurvinder Bagga <>
>Subject: cryonics community for non US people
>Hi everyone,
>Regarding the message from Kaburagi (Japan) I think it
>is very difficult for non US people to get citizenship
>or work permit in the US. And we cannot wait forever
>to get permission.
>I sincerely believe that the only way non US people
>can hope to make their cryonic dreams come true
>through a cryonics community is to find a place
>(country) that will allow us to do this - in the Asian
>If a country (like Mauritius or the Phillipines or any
>other country) gives us permission to set up a
>community based on cryonics that will be very easy for
>people in the Asian region to migrate there. A small
>country will also benefit from the inflow of foreign
>exchange that these people will bring in along with
>more tourism (cryonics related or otherwise).
>I request members like Kaburagi to actively make plans
>for a meeting of like minded Asians as soon as
>possible so that this idea can be pursued. We can
>invite one of the leading experts in the field from
>the US to guide us in this venture.
>So what are you waiting for. Get in touch all Asians
>who believe that we should have our own cryonics
>community here in Asia. Send your details to me so
>that I can organise the meeting to take place.

Australia is more-or-less in Asia - you should probably include us in this 

>Message #13616
>Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 00:53:04 -0400
>Subject: A threat to the future?
>From: Thomas R Mazanec <>
>If civilization falls, all the liquid nitrogen filled thermos bottles in
>the Milky Way galaxy
>will not help you. You might want to look at www.dieoff.org, my future
>corpsicles :-).

Well that was pretty depressing, especially:


- but I must say I probably agree with most of what Jay Hanson has to say - 
with the small qualification of what nano-tech may be able to do.



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