X-Message-Number: 13621
From: "Thomas Nord" <>
References: <>
Subject: SV: CryoNet #13611 - #13616
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 02:58:58 +0200

> I sincerely believe that the only way non US people
> can hope to make their cryonic dreams come true
> through a cryonics community is to find a place
> (country) that will allow us to do this - in the Asian
> region.
Then we can come from all over the world;-)

> First, it is not difficult to immigrate as a businessman. I do not know
> what is the amount that is needed for that currently. A few years ago it
> was $250,000. Since many Japanese take care of their own retirement via
> savings, it is probably possible for them to transfer some of these
> to the USA so as to qualify for this option.
It as half or one mill now. Check in Usenet.

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