X-Message-Number: 13623
From: kabu <>
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 21:31:56 +0900
Subject: cryonics community need art

Dave, this is Kaburagi. (Call me Kabu)
Sorry for my "turtle" response, since my English ability
is not so high-lebel. you said ;

>> What are the things you want?  Be specific!

I want a musical instrument to play.
My wife does musical therapy at hospices in Japan.
She visits patients in their rooms with her keyboard,
Plays the songs they request her,
And is appreciated by them very much.

I want a small stage to do some performance.
It isn't necessarily a large one.
Of course I want to hold a concert there.
But even more fulfilling experience will be
Putting making up a play with my friends
And putting it on the stage all by ourselves.

I want a place to pray.
It isn't necessarily a chapel.
But it would be wonderful
If the building has a Buckminster Fuller's dome on its roof.


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