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Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 21:18:47 +0900
Subject: re: cryonics community for non-US
From: kabu <>

Hi, this is Kaburagi.
Thank you for many comments for my message. 


 >Regarding the message from Kaburagi (Japan) I think it 
 >is very difficult for non US people to get citizenship 
 >or work permit in the US. And we cannot wait forever 
 >to get permission. 
I agree.  Canada is easier to migrate from Japan.

 >I sincerely believe that the only way non US people 
 >can hope to make their cryonic dreams come true 
 >through a cryonics community is to find a place 
 >(country) that will allow us to do this - in the Asian 
In Asian region, Australia is easser than other country.

 >If a country (like Mauritius or the Phillipines or any 
 >other country) gives us permission to set up a 
 >community based on cryonics that will be very easy for 
 >people in the Asian region to migrate there. A small 
 >country will also benefit from the inflow of foreign 
 >exchange that these people will bring in along with 
 >more tourism (cryonics related or otherwise). 
 >I request members like Kaburagi to actively make plans 
 >for a meeting of like minded Asians as soon as 
 >possible so that this idea can be pursued. We can 
 >invite one of the leading experts in the field from 
 >the US to guide us in this venture. 

 >So what are you waiting for. Get in touch all Asians 
 >who believe that we should have our own cryonics 
 >community here in Asia. Send your details to me so 
 >that I can organise the meeting to take place. 
I sent your message to all members of JCA(Japanese Cryonics
 Association). Please wait 1 week.
JCA is Tokyo-based group, there are almost 10 people.
But I think there are more cryonicist in Australia. 
Does anyone know how many people in cryonics organization
in Australia?


 >First, it is not difficult to immigrate as a businessman. I do not know 
 >what is the amount that is needed for that currently. A few years ago it 
 >was $250,000. Since many Japanese take care of their own retirement via 
 >savings, it is probably possible for them to transfer some of these savings 
 >to the USA so as to qualify for this option. 
 >The other option is to apply for immigrant status a few years in advance. 
 >There is always some places reserved for people that apply without any 
 >employment connection. Since very few Japanese try to immigrate to the US, 
 >it may not be difficult to obtain a visa that way if you simply wait 5-10 
Your comments are proper. Thank you very much.
But both comments are not easy for the average Japanese,
I want to seek easier option but it is difficult.
Personaly I can immigrate as a bisuness to US,
but after retirement it is impossible.

 >One must have a skill as cannot be found in US, as far as I know, so no 
 >masses can take jobs from US citizens. 
I agree so I am worried.

 >If I lived in Japan, I would either work to change this rule about 
 >cremation, or move.   
 >As Charles Darwin said: "It is not the strongest of the species that 
 >survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." 
 >In other words, change the rules where you live or change *where* you live. 
I understand what you say, both are difficult for Japanese.
But of course we will decide what we have to do,  

 >One of the reasons (and there are many) for this cryonics community is so 
 >some of us who are presently mortal members of a mortal species, can band 
 >together (there is strength in numbers) and make changes towards becoming 

 >>We would like to examine the possibility of establishing a legal 
 >>system like this and propose the idea from a faraway country, Japan. 
 >I am not sure I understand this?? 

Sorry I mistook, what I would like to establish is business system
or business structure, not legal system.

 >>We would like to join the great plan proposed by you. 
 >OK, Come on over (in a year or so - I'll keep you posted). 
Thank you.


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