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Subject: : Re: cryonics community for non US people  
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 19:50:41 +0530

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Hi everyone,

Thanks John. I couln't agree more about the government part. It's always been my
dream to buy my own private island and live the life I want to live. But I 
think in reality only cryonics can make that dream come true. I have decided 
that the best thing to do sitting here is find out a good place across Asia and 
the Pacific or even upto Africa or South America. 10 sq.miles will be enough I 
think but it should be in a zone which is not prone to earthquakes and 
cyclones/tsunamis. Also I feel that eventually we might have  cryonics 
communities spread all over the globe. This is the only way we can pool our 
knowledge, time and resources and reach our common goal.  

<Australia is more-or-less in Asia - you should probably include us in this 

Although Australia would be wonderful I hope the few Australian members we have 
can take an initiative on their own. But immigration remains a problem. 

<Specifically check out Belize - an English speaking democracy
immediately adjacent to beautiful Cancun Mexico.>

Belize on the other hand would be much easier and I found that they have a high 
life expectancy, English speaking (official) as mentioned by Peter and 
reasonable per capita income. Climate and other factors I still have to find 

We have such a huge planet.  Only if we prepare ourselves for the task ahead 
will we be able to make our dreams come true.




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