X-Message-Number: 13629
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 03:20:22 -0400
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: CryoNet #13587 - #13595

What about uploading?

I would agree with some that we may well be able to store ourselves
in other than brains. Doing so may (in a relatively short time) prove
to be relatively easy. 

HOWEVER, to be revived in a computer form does not look very likely
at all without much more understanding of how brains themselves work.
No doubt, if we DO understand that, we might make devices which will
imitate brains at the proper level. (Notice I said "devices", not
computers. We do much more than compute with our brains: we feel with
our brains, plan with our brains, and react to sudden events with
our brains. Not only that, but brains work fundamentally differently
than ANY current computer, including neural nets. The simple reason
for that is that they change their connections and grow new connections
over time. Doing so with a computer which has all necessary connections
would be fine if we only had a few neurons, but we have millions. Not
only that, but it's very likely that we are producing new neurons 
constantly, even if at a slow rate, ALL OVER OUR BRAIN. If you read
PERIASTRON you'll hear of experiments showing each of these points;
anyone who wants more details should send me an email specifically).

Yes, STORAGE may come easy. But reviving someone stored in that form
in anything other than a living brain will take much more work. As
for storage, the means to do so do not now exist. If you get into
trouble, and don't wish to die, the only choice available is 
cryonics, as faulty and uncertain as it may be or seem.

(And incidentally, even reviving someone stored as information in
a computer into a living brain won't be an easy task, either. Easier
than in any OTHER form, but not easy. This becomes especially true
in cases in which your brain has been read off destructively ---
not to mention the major problem that your brain may have already
been disarranged by pre-suspension and suspension causes).

		Best and long long life to all,

			Thomas Donaldson

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