X-Message-Number: 13631
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 11:38:22 EDT
Subject: cryonics community for non-us

There are two issues to consider...   political stability of the country (as 
well as medical facilities) and most important the problem of countries like 
Japan in which a body can be held for weeks before it is released from the 

Immigration is a good idea, but you are correct.  It took my wife 2 years to 
get her green card - - we were separated for 4 months between Philadelphia 
and Tokyo due to an administrative mess up and I am a US born citizen !

Orthodox Jews as you know MUST be burried within 24 hours of death and 
traditional Jews do not allow for autopsies or embalming.   If someone were 
to contact the Jewish community in Japan, it would be interesting to find out 
how they deal with that situation.    - - Also, as I mentioned in a private 
letter, if the embalming law is prefectural, there may be ways around it.    
If you are SERIOUS, I would research the law in all prefectures, by merely 
picking up the phone and using your Japanese skills.

I'm very concerned about this because I'd rather be living in Japan !  


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