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Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 09:35:59 -0400
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: CryoNet #13622 - #13629


There seem to be a significant number of people in Asia who
would like to take advantage of cryonics but do not believe they
can easily do so. 

Since years ago I basically started the Australian Cryonics 
Society, I have a bit to say on that question. The very first
point I will make is that there are steps you can take which
will help. Not that they solve your problem completely, but
that they will solve some of it, and thus narrow down what you
have to do.

It happens to be a very interesting fact that quite often, people
do not die suddenly all at once. Instead there may be 6 months
warning that they are fast going downhill and therefore will need
access to cryonic suspension several months from then. Be warned:
many doctors, even in advanced countries, will try to make their
patients believe that they are  going to get over their problem.
If the arrangements have been made beforehand, then even 1 week
of warning would allow your friends to take you to the US or 
other country (England would be next) where they could be frozen
WITHOUT any issues of citizenship. 

Yes, if you die suddenly this idea doesn't work, and ideally you
want a cryonics society with a full set of suspension equipment and
people who know what to do nearly. The problem is that getting
such things is not going to be easy nor will it happen soon.
And if you do something which at least helps get you suspended
in the majority of cases, then you've done something which takes
you forward. And forward steps do help --- they convince others
not to stand on the sidelines but to come forward and help. In
short, they help work toward that fully set up cryonics society
you are wanting.

Incidentally, there is at least one book which looks not at 
DEATH RATE but at the entire process by which people REALLY die,
as distinct from what happens in books, films, and common belief.
I'm sure that there is also variation with country, but this
is the best I know of, and if you can get it it's worth a read.
The book is A Cartwright, LIFE BEFORE DEATH. It may be hard for
you to find but if you can find it, read it.

		Best wishes and long long life,

			Thomas Donaldson

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