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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: Robert Ettinger's final plan and example to us all
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 13:59:50 PDT

Robert Ettinger wrote:
I plan to move back to Michigan this summer. Suicide is not illegal there, 
although assisted suicide is illegal. Before my death, if I have the luxury 
of anticipating it while still compos mentis, I hope to persuade a medical 
examiner to have a representative present at my suicide and ready to 
pronounce death and waive autopsy, with our perfusion team on hand...

When I first read these words they really hit me in the face, hard.  In 
theory, I had myself advocated this to avoid possible brain damage, but 
seeing it up close and personal from someone I care about is very 
challenging to deal with.

I must remember that this is not suicide in the classic definition(getting 
life over with once and for all) in that you hope to be revived to life 
sometime in the future.  So within my paradigm you are not rejecting life, 
which is a gift of God in my view, but instead
just "turning off the lights" for hopefully a temporary period.

You are the founding father of this movement and will be setting the right 
example for us all by what you do.  I hope things go well for you in 
convincing the medical examiner to cooperate.  I do hope you live long 
enough to see Ventureville(should it be named that) at least in its 
beginning stage.

When you are reanimated you will get quite a reception!  But of course you 
will need time to acclimate yourself to the new world without too many 
people around you.  Ventureville(which will have really grown by then!) will 
have to throw you a great "welcome back, Bob!" party!!

For now, many sober realities loom before you.  I hope things do work out 
for the very best.


John Grigg

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