X-Message-Number: 13639
From: "Thomas Nord" <>
Subject: Belize 
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 19:29:28 +0200

""Message #13619
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 08:18:37 -0700
From: Peter Christiansen <>
Subject: Cryonics Community for non-U.S. Citizens
For anyone intereted in emmigrating to establish cryonics community (or
for any other reason) check out:
Specifically check out Belize - an English speaking democracy
immediately adjacent to beautiful Cancun Mexico.
Peter Christiansen""

Hej, is it your father who was going to write in Colors?
Good link, didnt You check Belize in its evaluation?
Fine place to have in mind but only 200.000 inhabitans, disturbing Rastas,
and the worst of all bad public Internet working against private ISP's,
doesnt seem to be a good base compared to what we have. Havent checked the
climate and other risks etc there yet in chase of Eldorado...

Thomas Nord

PR for another serious matter. Would You like a better chance to live again?
Read and be serious over this page: http://expage.com/page/cryonics

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