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Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 00:55:36 EDT
Subject: Thanks for "testimony" to Kennita and Tom D.

Hello to all forward thinkers throughout the planet!

This is Rudi Hoffman writing.  I wanted to thank Tom Donaldson, Kennita 
Watson,  Mike Darwin, and others who have reiterated the theme:  "Real 
people, who don't expect it will happen to them, DO become uninsurable or not 
insurable at favorable rates."

Ladies and gentlemen, you truly owe it to yourself to move forward on your 
life insurance to fund suspension NOW.  

The time to buy life insurance is BEFORE you need it.  

It is lower in cost at early ages by FAR, and easier to qualify.

Many cryonicists on a budget start with 20 year term rates which are 
RIDICULOUSLY affordable.  The term I sell is upgradable to Universal life or 
"Interest Sensitive Whole Life" with no evidence of insurability.

Once you qualify, the life insurance company is on the hook to create this 
INSTANT estate which can guarantee your funding for your "cryonap".

If you can't afford it NOW, may  I ask how you expect to be able to afford 
insurance if you become uninsurable or only coverable at increased rates?

Sorry for the rant here, but this is an item that is close to my heart. 
I have reproduced the Kennita Watson posting below.

Rudi Hoffman
Certified Financial Planner
ALCOR member since 1994
Corporate sponsor for Asilomar conference (yes, I'll be there!:)
Leading cryonics insurance writer in the world

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 From: Kennita Watson <>
 Subject: Life insurance -- why not wait?
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 Thomas Donaldson wrote:
 > One major reason for signing up now has not been mentioned but is
 > in practice much more substantial than the risk that you might die.
 > Simple: you may come down with a condition which makes life insurance
 > either impossible or so expensive that you cannot afford it.
 For example:  I came down with MS at age 37; thank goodness I had bought 
 my insurance two years before.  I was lucky -- MS often strikes people 
 in their twenties who have no idea it's coming.  That's a one in a
 thousand shot, and there are others.  Do you feel lucky?
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