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From: "Don Burns" <>
Subject: Questions on the economics of preservation and risk factors
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000 01:06:54 -0400

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       I'm most likely going to sign up with the Cryonic Institute - mostly 
       because it's the only

 service within reach of my finances. I'm sure they have a good organization 
 which only wants
 the best for all concerned.

       Perhaps my question is of someone very uninformed - and even silly - but 
       here it goes:

  What's wrong with just flash freezing heads (only) - cremating the rest of the
  body - and then

  packing as many heads frozen heads as possible into a large vault for "economy
  of scale"? 

       My reasoning is like this: Who can say for sure that a large, if not all,
       proportion of the

  information that defines "us" can be recovered even freezing this way?  

 technology might be unimaginably  more capable than what we have today we might
 be in for

 some major suprises. Given  the progress over the last 40 years (I'm 49) - I 
 would suspect 
  that "magic" is almost possible  in 160 years.   

       The second issue is that of economics. I know this sounds like "3rd class
       on the Titanic"

  but that's better than being dead (some people in 3rd class DID make it out 

      The issue is this:  SOME chance is better than no chance - and I suspect 
      that the price of

  perservation can be brought down to that of your average car today. Affordable
  to many people
  who would otherwise have no chance at all.

       While it is true that the greatest effort be made to provide the best 
       care possible - I would

  gladly have an operation in a third world country - and take my chances - no 
  matter how remote 
 - then die in the U.S. because I did not have enough money. 

       All the same - I most likely will have sufficient funds at a considerable

       I suppose I have so much "faith" since I've worked in IT for 25 years - 
       and can truly
   appreciate the progress in that field. 

       In the end - it's the market place that determines things - but I wonder 
       how many people would

    "opt" for what I've described?  And bringing in a so many people  ALBIET 3rd
    class - might really
    help lower costs for everyone else too.  

       Well - at any rate - if I win the lottery and get the best methods of 
       preservation possible - and

   never wake up anyway  - no big deal. I don't mind being dead as long as I 
   don't know about it!

                 Don Burns


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