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From: "Trygve B. Bauge" <>
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Subject: SV: New Meta Portal offering to add links to life-extension, health & 
cryonics sites.  
Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 15:06:14 +0200

To D. den Otter, and others,

Thanks for your input.
I will be adding your suggested links
when I create a cryonic list later this Summer.

In the meantime please Beta test Trygve's Meta Portal again.

I just added colour, a better layout and many more links.


Trygve's Meta Portal, Life-Extension Systems, Norw. Icebathing Assc.
To borrow a VHS presentation of my work, send $50 to Trygve Bauge
c/o Aksjon 88, Pb. 59 Hovseter, 0705 Oslo, Norway, Ph (47) 2214-8078
   Meta Portal:  www.powertech.no/~trygveb/

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From: D.den Otter <>
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Sent: Monday, April 10, 2000 2:24 PM
Subject: Re: New Meta Portal offering to add links to life-extension, health
& cryonics sites.

> ----------
>   From: Trygve B. Bauge
>   >>I have set up a new web portal.
>   Trygve's Meta Portal. http://www.powertech.no/~trygveb/
>   So far I have links to 2500 search engines, 2800 radio stations &
>   5150  news  papers around the world.
>   However the focus of the portal will be on Life-extension.
>   Thus I have set up menus dedicated to links to life-extension sites,
>   including health & cryonics sites.
>   If anyone wants me to add a link to their site, please submit the
>   appropriate link
>   to me <<
> Hi,
> Could you include the European Cryonics Page?
> http://homepages.go.com/~cryonic4life/europe.html
> thanks,
> Dalibor
>   >>  Ps. If  you know of any good life-extension/cryonics/health site I
>   ought to add a link to, please let me know. Thanks.<<
> This page has a lot of links related to cryonics & life extension:
> http://dmoz.org/Science/Biology/Cryobiology/Cryonics/

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