X-Message-Number: 13673
Date: Wed, 03 May 2000 01:37:47 +0900
Subject: Again, cryonics community for non-us
From: kabu <>

Hi, everyone.
This is Kaburagi.

If go to the U.S. is relatively easy for non-US people who wish 
to die there, as Thomas Donaldson said,
cryonics community will be a big help to them(us).

I'm wondering if we could find a way to organize a group to support 
such non-US people and establish its office inside a cryonics 
community. It can be named something like "Society for Supporting 
Non-US Cryonicists." The group, with its office inside a cryonics 
community, receives reasonable payment from non-US members who wish to 
go to the U.S. to die there and provides them with appropriate 
support services.

It may provide them with accommodations for rent such as cabins inside 
the cryonics community, and if such cabins are not available, it can 
provide information on motels or hotels in the neighborhood. It also 
may change life insurance on behalf of the members.

The group spends most of the time on building support networks in many 
countries via Internet while it works with a local office in each 
country to study the procedures of changing various life insurances. 
Of course, all offices need to be paid regularly by the members.

I think we can start this by appointing a person as the representative 
of each country. Then, all representatives, together with staff from 
the U.S. office, can discuss the way of establishing this group or the 
amount of membership fees. Isn't there anyone who is interested in 
working toward the establishment of this support group?

Anyway, Dave.
My wife and I have not sign up yet.
Maybe I will sign up when I retire my job.

Thank you.

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