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From: "John de Rivaz" <>
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Subject: Re: Minds, Machines, and the Multiverse 
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 15:43:38 +0100

The missing workload could be due to
we are already in the simulation
or it is simply the way the universe works.

If the purpose of the entire universe is to generate consciousness, then all
the billions of years that have preceded humanity with a backdrop of units
of animal life tearing each other apart in order to feed seem part of that
process. Maybe god is too lazy to build anything piece by piece - instead he
uses evolution to develop consciousness and after consciousness emerges,
directed evolution, such as what we are seeing now with the cryonics, life
extension and Immortalist movements. The universe cannot be truly conscious
unless it develops immortal consciousness. Transmitting ideas between mortal
units of consciousness using writing isn't quite the same thing. Almost, but
not quite.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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