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Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 19:48:38 -0500
From: david pizer <>
Subject: Response to Dave Pizer

Bill Faloon has asked me to post the following.

At 09:50 AM 5/25/00 -0400, faloon, william wrote:
Saul and Dave,
Many good points raised about the future of cryonics in Dave's letter.

I believe trust fund money, if carefully structured, is a greater
motivating factor than what Dave believes. 

I will propose establishing eight to ten different trusts to fund specific
areas that will protect and benefit cryonics enormously. Competent people
should be well paid for their work in cryonics, and that is not happening
today due to lack or money (and growth).

A state-of-the-art research and storage facility in Arizona will motivate
some people. 

The bottom line is that Saul Kent and Bill Faloon plan to establish a wide
range of trusts to guarantee the economic future of cryonics. Other
cryonicists should also consider setting up trusts (or contributing to the
new trusts Kent and Faloon plan to establish). These trusts come into
only after one is suspended, so what we are suggesting is that a person
take all assets not needed my immediate family and place them into
perpetual trusts, some of which would solely exist to reanimate those
placed into cryonis suspenion.

All other points in Dave's memo should be discussed and aggressively
pursued as they are all important. I just hate to see wealthy people fund
the ALCOR minimum, when they could use their assets to dramatically
improve their odds or reanimation via the newly proposed trusts, or The
Reanimation Foundation.

Bill Faloon

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