X-Message-Number: 13805
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 06:20:05 EDT
Subject: Burial / Cremation Laws / David Pizer tie-in

I was just thinking out loud regarding two postings.   I don't want to start 
a technical arguement, but want to raise a legal one...

If a country requires burial or cremation, 

1) what about freezing the body or body parts for purposes of "research" 
(long term preservation of organs at low tempratures for example.)     Surely 
"scientific research" is not illegal in France and Japan.     In fact, is it 
legal to export frozen speciments for purposes of "scientific research" to 
the United States ?

2)  freezing and "technically" burrying the body.   For example, frozen 
storeage in a vault located underground....   I don't want to start a 
technical debate here, but what if the "coffin" happens to be a cryostat that 
meets the "technical" definition of burial in the way it is stored ?          

3)  What about countries with "family vaults" in which corpses are stored 
above the ground or with traditions of mummification.      Is there any way 
to meet this issue.         

I'd like to comment more on free publicity, but will do it under another 
subject heading, so people who wish to bypass this message on archive won't 
get dizzy scrolling past this text.


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