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From: "Gurvinder Bagga" <>
Subject: World conference
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 07:59:14 +0530

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Hi everyone,

I have been thinking about the problem of slow (very slow) growth of the 
cryonics movement. I feel it is time to plan a conference on cryonics -call it 
the 1st World Cryonics Conference (if it really is the first) -

and invite all those who are involved from all over the globe. A world 
conference will gurantee us lot of much needed media exposure and a boost in 
membership immediately following the event.

The conference can be held in a central location so that it is easy for everyone
to reach (shorter and cheaper flights) - for example London or Tokyo. 

Advance booking of boarding (Hotel accomodation)  can be done individually by 
all members who want to participate. 

Conference facility can be selected within the Hotel or nearby and sponsored by 
the major cryonics institutes or paid for by them and collected from the members

But I think we should wait atleast a couple of years and then plan this event - 
it will enable some members to collect the required finances for travel and 
other expenses.

The dates (years) I suggest are 2003, 2004, or 2005. The venue and month can be 
decided in advance so everyone is prepared.

This opportunity will give people like me the chance to meet the brains behind 
our movement and chart out a plan for the future. This could be in terms of 
expanding (getting more members), having a local suspension facility under the 
guidance of these insitutes (or in collaboration) and finding solutions to the 
various problems raised on cryonet.

Even non members can participate if they are curious or their fields are related
to cryonics. I believe we may get to see people from nanotechnology, quantum 
physics (computing), biotechnology and cryotechnology participate. 

We really have to do this some day because then and only then the cryonics 
movement will become truly international.




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