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Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 06:11:26 -0600
From: Fred Chamberlain <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #13836 - #13841

Date:      6/5/2000
From:     Fred Chamberlain
Re:        New Neuro Options

Mike Perry commented:

>A thought that occurs is that if there is to be a neuro-at-whole-body-price 
>option that involves longterm storage at -130 or so (presumably more 
>expensive than LN2 storage) then there should also be a less expensive neuro
>option that would perfuse with the new and better protocol but store at LN2 
>temp. In this way you would have a near-vitrified brain that might be 
>cracked a bit but otherwise would be undamaged. (Bob Ettinger's suggestion 
>of the possibility of longterm storage at -130 without added cost has merit 
>too, but needs further investigation.) For myself, and I imagine a sizable 
>number of other Alcor members are in this predicament, I have more than 
>enough funding for my current neuro option but less than needed for a 
>whole-body freeze. It may be that I would have enough to cover the better 
>protocol but still LN2 storage, or at any rate, it would be easier to 
>upgrade to this option if it became available. I also agree with Thomas 
>Donaldson that the actual cost of any new procedureshould be estimated

Those are appropriate ideas, and should be workable.  Rapid cooldown would
still be required, but might still lie within the range of affordability of
standard neuro option.  On a longer range basis, with economies of scale, it
does make sense that storage at minus 130 would be feasible without increased
cost (since the only fundamental difference is a lesser energy cost for the
storage at minus 130).  I agree that there are many (including myself) who are
presently committed to the lower cost neuro option, and that this intermediate
level needs to be developed in parallel with the implementation of the higher
cost approach.

Thanks, Mike, for making those observations.

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