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From: "john grigg" <>
Subject: is neuro or whole body the better way for getting a good suspension?
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 13:15:00 PDT

Thomas Nord wrote:
Hey, did I miss something? I thought the neuros needed more research etc, or 
do they need a lot less due to the slimmer chances?
Slimmer chances?

Steve Bridge replied:
That is a big assumption.  It may in fact be MORE difficult and expensive to 
repair and to make young every cell in the aged,
cancer-ridden, broken down bodies that many patients will take into the
suspension tank.  Simpler,  perhaps, to concentrate on the brain repair and 
regrow a fresh body for the patient, probably regrowing the entire body 
around the repaired brain.

My understanding was that it might actually be better to go for the neuro 
only option, because then the head/brain would be concentrated on  rather 
then the entire body.  This way valuable time would be saved, and the brain 
structure would have less time to deteriorate.   Is this correct?

Between the matter of financial savings and the possibility of getting a 
better suspension, I would tend toward getting the neuro option except for 
one thing.  That would be the negative/scornful view in the mass media of 
frozen heads without bodies.  I know this is of concern to Robert Ettinger.

And more importantly to me, I am concerned that the people of the future may 
not fully see me as a potentially viable human being with rights, if I am 
only one of many frozen heads.  I would hope they would be beyond such 
simplistic prejudice.

I look forward to hearing views on this.


John Grigg

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