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Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 07:46:50 -0700
From: Bryan Hall <>
Subject: cryonics documentaries
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> I watch every science and technology show I

> can find time for on the science oriented cable channels. To date I've seen 
less > than

> a half dozen documentaries that mention cryonics. I've never seen one 

> solely to cryonics. Would a documentary solely dedicated to cryonics be 

The only documentary solely devoted to cryonics that I know of was
"Immortality On Ice" done by (I think) the Discovery Channnel. It was
done in the mid 90's. 

I was thinking... I might be a big marketing advantage if Alcor produced
it's own cryonics documentary. One that is really up to date and
incorporates the latest in 21CM technology and nanotechnology advances
into the discussion. And send out a VCR tape or DVD of the documentary
to all perspective members, just like they do with the book "Reaching
for tomorrow". The book is excellent, but has it's limitations. The
video could actually show a cryonic suspention taking place, interviews
with the top staff, other scientists, nanotechnologists, Alcor members,

The variable costs of the video/DVD are very low - probably even lower
than the printing costs for Reach for Tomorrow or Cryonics Magazine.
Just the costs of reproduction and shipping. I'm not sure what the
initial fixed costs would be of such a project, but probably not too
much. It would be a great marketing tool.

-Bryan Hall

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