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From: "bz" <>
Subject: Publicity?
Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 19:51:01 +0300

The voice from a lurk.

The reason I write is pretty important, in my humble opinion.

Michail Soloviev wrote recently here about the article published in the
Russian magazine.
I have just talk to my friends who read the article, and their impressions
forced me to act now.

Well, I did not read article by myself, I supposed to get it on Monday, so I
am talking here what impression people far from cryonics got reading it.

**** it was published by Kommersant-Dengi which could be translated as
Businesman and Money. Section named  How To Make Money . (!!!) And be sure,
people look at this tiny details.

**** General theme is that cryonics is rubbish and can t be worked out, BUT!
It could be very profitable business!

I know how some guys could think about it   exactly as financial scum
masters   and that only scenario 'cryonics' labeled enterprise could be
profitable. That activity could appear pretty soon, in my guess, i.e.  
taking money from the people in exchange for future contracts, or future
cryopreservation, or as if signed agreement with American companies, easy
payment insurance deals, etc. Many, many ways.

I was thinking of cryonics as business matter some time ago and fail to find
any profits in it. Well, maybe I am hopeless, more than that, I came to the
strong feeling that cryonics should never be profitable   just enough to
stay alive and strong. I don t want to depend on a company, which is going
to make profits as main goal   thus they will come to conclusion to cut the
expenses later on (kicking me out or put twenty in a jar) or use LN2 for
making ice cream, or party ice or they will go IPO!

Well, maybe I exaggerate, however, I ask Alkor and Cryonics Institute and
others just to bear such possible thing in mind, please,   some scum artist
needs only a simple agreement from you, or some sort of association with
your companies  just to prove na ve guys that it is all legal, trustworthy
and permanent.

I worry that some idiots could destroy the people attitude towards it   if
we have now indifference, we could get just pure hate and/or direct
prohibition of it in more countries. I can come along with hate but I want
cryoincs be alive, available and as a matter of free choice.

The guy (his name is Alexey Khodorych) who wrote the article asked my
opinion, by the way, and I gave it to him. Actually, we exchanged with quite
a few letters. I have just re-read all of them. In his last letter he was
insisting on me to say that it is a multibillion dollar industry, on which I
just did not reply. He did not hear me, being obsessed with his idea of
making huge money on it, and did not include my opinion, of course, -- the
whole idea of article was  how to make huge fast money on improbable,
fantastic ideas. 

Too much activity I have seen in Russian press about it for the last
month -- it looks like someone is designing a biz plan and probing the

Beware of Ponzi guys!

Kind regards,
Boris Zubkov

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