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From: "john grigg" <>

Subject: A promotional documentary about cryonics must be made to turn the tide!
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 03:09:43 PDT

James Swayze wrote:
How much media coverage does it [cryonics] really get? Not much. The 
occasional ill informed treatment by hollywood. These are hardly ever 
positive...take the "Phantasm 3" movie as an example or even "Austin Powers" 
(the first one).

Suspended animation is often seen in science fiction films but as a 
periphery thing and as a plot device to go onto something else.  The 
_Aliens_ series showcased suspension technology as did the first _Planet of 
the Apes_ and the recent film _Supernova_ .

But I feel films set in the present-day have the best chance of getting the 
message across.  Two good examples were romances, _Forever Young_ with Mel 
Gibson and _Late for Dinner_ come to mind.  I would recommend _Late for 
Dinner_ to everyone on the list because it deals with a young man who wakes 
up still young to meet his childhood sweetheart who is now decades older and 
has experienced so much.  Of course, _The First Immortal_ is the film we all 
want to see made but I am beginning to wonder if Hallmark will ever do it!! 

you continue:
Let's face it most people only want to escape the reality of their quiet 
lives of desperation. They don't want to deal with reality or their 
mortality, just take their minds off the serious for a few hours then back 
to the reality of surviving another day. Many people can't even be persuaded 
to provide themselves adequate health care insurance and life insurance or 
retirement or "normal" circumstances let alone something clearly outside the 

A good yet very sad point you make here.  I see myself in this.  I still 
think that a well-made promotional documentary made by cryonicists could 
really catch the imagination of the public.

Bryan Hall wrote:
I was thinking... I might be a big marketing advantage if Alcor produced
it's own cryonics documentary. One that is really up to date and
incorporates the latest in 21CM technology and nanotechnology advances
into the discussion. And send out a VCR tape or DVD of the documentary
to all perspective members, just like they do with the book "Reaching
for tomorrow". The book is excellent, but has it's limitations. The
video could actually show a cryonic suspention taking place, interviews
with the top staff, other scientists, nanotechnologists, Alcor members,etc.

THIS MUST BE DONE!!!  A BRILLIANT IDEA!!!  Make it with production values 
good enough that it can be broadcast on television.  It could even be the 
first CRYONICS INFOMERCIAL! ;)  Have it target those in the demographics 
most likely to have the money and interest in signing up.

Anyway, Bryan and James have given us all some good ideas and I really hope 
a first-class promotional film about cryonics can be made.  This could be 
the start of a beautiful thing.

I really wish I could be at the Sunday meeting that David Pizer is hosting 
to discuss Ventureville.  I hope to learn how it went on Cryonet.

hoping for the best,

John Grigg
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