X-Message-Number: 13899
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 10:51:08 EDT
Subject: Re: CryoNet #13882 - #13895

Re:  message dated 6/11/00 2:02:07 AM, David Hall

i very much like david's suggestion that a video be produced.  i have spoken 
to my MD to see if he was aware of how to treat me in the event that i am 
about to die.  The only thing i could think of was to refuse an autopsy.  His 
response was that he would like me to send him something short and 
authoratative containing the information he would need to understand the 
issues re cryonics.

he is chief of medicine at a major San Francisco hospital with a specialtiy 
in geriatrics (and several others) but admitted that the only thing he had 
ever seen on cryonics was various scenes in Star Trek.  but being a bright 
fellow, though very busy, he was willing to read something precise and 

the only book i know of is The first Immortal and i don't think that is what 
my doc had in mind.

Is the book David mentioned from Alcor suitable for this purpose?  Is there 
any possibility of the video being produced?  Is there some other book or 
article that would be more appropriate?


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