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Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 11:46:06 -0600
From: Fred Chamberlain <>
Subject: Financing Suspensions, and LAST MINUTE ADDITION TO ASILOMAR

Date:      6/11/2000
From:      Fred Chamberlain
Re:          Kennita Watson's "Not Found" (Financing of Arrangements)


>David -- I looked for
<http://www.alcor.org/crft17.hmt>http://www.alcor.org/crft17.hmt and it was 
>not found. Clever me tried .htm and .html; still nothing.




That's the problem with old URL's.  Taking the link from Alcor's main page to
"Library", and then to "Appendix C; Suspension Pricing and the Cost of Patient
Care" will work better.  The actual URL is:


The old CRFT17 is still up there, at:


As the URL suggests, this is a crummy "text only" version, very hard to read,
which is why all of the CRFT's were reformatted within the last year to match
Alcor's current design by Derek Ryan.

Browse the old one for comparison, if you want.  We will probably delete it
soon.  It is no longer linked from the main site, so it's only there
because it
hasn't been swept away yet.

The whole analysis of patient care will change as we integrate 21st Century
Medicine, Inc.'s new cryoprotective formulas and freeze blockers into our
protocols, and go to rapid cooldown where we drop straight down to -130F and
then either stabilize there or follow a circuitous route to LN2.

As an update on that, Alcor/BioTransport has signed confidentiality agreements
with 21st CM which will permit the disclosure of the exact formulations of the
newer cryoprotectants, and all of the components have been ordered, so that we
can make these mixtures at Alcor.  A licensing agreement is under negotiation,
and is expected to be in final form before all of the components for the
cryoprotectant mixture are delivered.

A number of technology upgrades to Alcor's operating room equipment and
cooldown systems are needed, but there will be ways to make use of these new
compounds and carry out rapid cooldowns even as those upgrades are being
I'll try to post notes on these upgrades to CryoNet as they take place.

None of this would be possible without the financial support of BioTransport,
Inc., which expects to assume responsibilities for Alcor's suspension
procedures after the details of asset transfer and management are worked out. 
Meanwhile, by the terms of an earlier contract signed with Alcor in July,
BioTransport is building technology toward that end result.


A separate notice could have been posted on this item, but it ties in with the
comments (above) on BioTransport, so here it is.  At the last minute, it has
been possible to include Stephen Valentine's talk on the design and
development of what I have to think of, for all practical purposes as a

There's a better name for it, of course, and that is "TimeShip".  If you go to
Alcor's conference page at http://www.alcor.org/conf.htm, you'll see links
to a
very early conceptual drawing of Time Ship (the drawing actually has this as
two separate words), plus a link to a synopsis of the talk at
http://www.alcor.org/LET2000/tc.htm#superfacility and an overview of Stephen's
professional background at
http://<http://www.alcor.org/>www.alcor.org/LET2000/tc1.htm.  He is scheduled
to speak as the next to the last talk on Sunday Afternoon, as you'll see at
http://<http://www.alcor.org/>www.alcor.org/LET2000/spkrsched.htm, we have
extended his talk to 60 minutes, in view of the scope of the material, and
dropped my talk on Bioimpedance.  I'll be glad to discuss that (as well as
BioTransport's redirection plan) with those attending, but Stephen's talk will
be of far more general interest, I'm sure.

Linda Chamberlain and I had a chance to hear Stephen Valentine speak on this
subject in December, 1997, in Las Vegas, at a CryoCare annual meeting, just
before the beginning of an A4M Conference.  It is difficult to briefly
the scope of what he has done, to explore the possibilities of a huge research
and reanimation facility, which also has provisions for patient care (of up to
10,000 suspendees).  Drawing on his background of participation in many large
projects (see http://<http://www.alcor.org/>www.alcor.org/LET2000/tc1.htm),
Stephen researched historical large man-made structures ranging from the Great
Wall of China to the Pyramids.  He combined current thinking on matters as
diverse as vulnerability to natural and man made disasters with the goal of
integrating libraries and  research facilities into a structure also providing
for patient storage.  Two and a half years have now passed, since this initial
presentation, and I have no doubt that Stephen's thinking has progressed a
way.  At this point, he is selecting engineers for detailed design, and has
secured the firm commitment of the people who financed Twenty First Century
Medicine, Inc. to raise very large scale funding for his project.

This is one presentation you don't want to miss, if there is still time for
to register for and attend Alcor's Asilomar Conference.  Also, if you are
planning to attend, I suggest you not head for the airport at noon on Sunday,
or you'll "miss out"!  Stephen will be available later in the evening to
discuss his concept, as part of a multi-topic discussion of making membership
arrangements (again, see the schedule at
http://<http://www.alcor.org/>www.alcor.org/LET2000/tc1.htm, at the bottom of
the table).

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