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From: "Billy H. Seidel" <>
Subject: New Video
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 07:22:09 -0800

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This is for James Swayze, John Grigg, Bryan Hall and any other person interested
in a Cryonics video.

There are two main motivators for making a video.  Money and emotion.  The video
you talk about has already been made.  I made it in May 1987. I did it because 
of my emotional commitment to Alcor and Cryonics.  As far as I know, no one has 
ordered one from Alcor. It is called "Tomorrow". It is 30 minutes long and has 
just about everything about cryonics in it. If Alcor doesn't have one I will 
send you a copy for $15.00.

Oops.  $15.00 you say. That's a lot of money.  Well folks this is the main 
reason another video has not been made.  If Tomorrow had been commissioned by a 
different video company it would have cost $1000 a minute. That's $30,000, and 
that was back in 1987. Today's cost are probably higher.

I didn't do it for money I did it for my commitment to Alcor and Cryonics. Now I
read the internet where some folks would like to see a Infomercial, DVD's and 
Network productions.  OK I'll go along with that. Start sending money to Button 
Productions and tell me how much time you are willing to commit or if you have 
some other talent or resources that you are willing to give.  I'll set up a 
video production company and we can sell shares and hire actors and grips and 
directors and writers and technicians and editors and, and, and, and. Do you 
begin to get the idea?  I'll commit my time and money and have already.  What 
about you?  Are you really committed or are we just blowing smoke here???

Billy H. Seidel



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