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From: "Terry Grossman" <>
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Subject: re: replacement parts from cryopreserved tissue
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 06:55:00 -0600

From: Kennita Watson <>
Subject: tissue storage

Terry Grossman wrote:

> The Prospects for Immortality: Human Replacement Parts by Terry
> Grossman M.D. ... Scientists start with an individual's own cells
> and then direct these cells under laboratory conditions to grow
> into the desired organs. ... harvest some cells from these patients
> today and store them for their own future use? ... 50 year olds who
> store some tissue specimens today would have their own 50 year old
> cells to create spare parts for their future use several decades
> from now. ... This technology is currently available through
> several companies and costs less than $300... only a sample of your
> cells are frozen, while you are still alive. This represents an
> intermediate step which opens the door to an entirely new vista of
> life extension possibilities. It is painless and quite
> affordable...
> http://www.liv4evr.com/recommended_products/youthcell.asp.

One question, Terry:  The kit is $300, including 5 years of cryo-storage.
How much does storage cost after that?  I couldn't find this info on
the Web site.

Answer: Kenita, the company charges $25 per year after the first  5 yrs and
they have other plans available in addition to the 5 year plan (10 years, 20
years, perpetual). See www.youthcell.com  for aditional information.
Terry Grossman MD

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