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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 11:07:02 -0400

   In New Scientist recently there was an article about developing vaccines
for the addictive
   nature of drugs such as heroin and maybe even nicotine.  What this
article got me thinking
   about however is the nature of drug use and how this could change with
   If we ever reach the holy grail of cryonics and humanity becomes immortal
what would be
   the drawbacks of taking drugs?  If smoking, alcohol and the hard drugs
caused no side
   effects then why not do them?  Current users would surely increase
consumption.  Could
   immortality create a world of drug-fuelled morons?
  I was unaware that smoking turned you into a moron? If there are no side
effects what would be the problem?
First, drug use does not mean you are a moron or will become a moron.
Second, many drugs like MDMA and marajuana have no long term side effects
yet are illegal. Why? Because people enjoy them. That is the simple answer.
If a drug were to come out tomorrow that had no adverse side effects but
gave you a great high you can rest assured that the U.S. Gov't would ban it
and pressure the rest of the world to do the same. Thirdly, since there are
currently drugs available that are very safe and most people who use them do
so responsibly it does not follow that the availability of safe drug use
would entail an increase in usage. Constant recreation at some point becomes

  It could, I guess.  It might just as well create a world of people
  who do each drug once and call up the resulting brain state at
  will (actual drugs cost money, y'know), or who don't do them at all
  and recreate the states from a virtual reality simulation.  It also
  occurs to me that people who don't want to experience their lives
  may not care to be immortal.  Another possibility is that those of
  us who have things to get accomplished may think that drug fueling
  may help keep the morons out of our way.
Doing drugs does not mean you do not wish to experience your life. For many
it means they want to enhance or experience their life differently for a
short period of time. People who believe the current government propaganda
usually disregard this point.

Since I'm already posting on this topic I should add the following
information. I apologize for the length. I feel this information is germain
to the topic of cryonics for if we have no freedom left, what is the point
in being revived? Will the government even allow it?

  On Mon, 5 Jun 2000 18:12:44 -0400 (EDT), Libertarian Party
  Announcements <  wrote:
  Sorry to clutter the list with this but this bill is so offensive I'm
  hoping everyone on the list, the ones who live in the USA anyway, will
  write or call their vile congresscritter and tell it to vote no on it.
  Watergate Office Building
  2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100
  Washington DC 20037
  Phone: (202) 333-0008 Ext. 222
  For information about the party: (800) ELECT-US
  Website: www.LP.org
  June 6 , 2000
  Anti-Drug Bill Would Allow Secret Searches,
  Create New Crime: "Illegal Distribution of Information"
          Immediate action required: Stop the "Methamphetamine Anti-
  Proliferation Act" now!
          A bill that has passed the Senate unanimously and is now
  rapidly moving through the House poses a grave threat to your
  constitutional rights. This legislation -- HR 2987, also known as the
  Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act -- would:
  * Expand the government's power to conduct so-called
  peek searches." Police could search your house and not notify you for
  up to six months.
  * Make it a federal crime to write about any Internet site
  provides drug paraphernalia.
  * Allow the government to prosecute Americans who teach others
  how to grow medical marijuana plants.
          Despite the fact that this legislation is a flagrant assault
  your First and Fourth Amendment rights, it sailed through the Senate
  November 19 without a single vote against it.
          Now we need your help urgently to stop HR 2987 before the
  approves it as well! HR 2987 is *overdue* for a vote: It was
  scheduled to be considered by the Judiciary Committee before the
  Memorial Day recess, but that action was postponed.
          Now that the House has reconvened, a vote could be scheduled
  any day. (The legislation is also being considered by the House
  Commerce Committee.)
          We are asking you to act now to kill this bill before it gets
  out of committee. This "action item" contains:
          * Background on HR 2987 and a link to the bill so you can read
  it for yourself.
          * The names of the politicians on the two House committees
  considering this bill, Judiciary and Commerce.
          * Information on how to contact them and on what to say.
          BACKGROUND: The Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act was
  introduced in July, 1999, by Senators Dianne Feinstein, D-CA, and
  Hatch, R-UT. On November 19, the bill passed the Senate by "unanimous
  consent" with no recorded opposition.
          Hatch and Feinstein claim their bill merely targets labs that
  produce methamphetamine, a form of speed. But the bill goes far beyond
  that and gives the federal government sweeping new powers.
          * It would allow federal agents to conduct so-called "sneak
  peek" searches without having to notify you for six months -- if ever.
  Current law requires that, if police want to search your home, they
  must produce a warrant, and if you're not home, they have to
  immediately notify you about the search and give you an inventory of
  confiscated items.
          But in vague, seemingly innocuous language in the section of
  2987 entitled "Notice of Issuance," the legislation says that "any
  notice required" to be given for a search "may be delayed pursuant to
  the standards, terms, and conditions set forth in section 2705" of
  federal law.
  That section, according to legal experts, lets police delay
  notification for up to 180 days. That means police could conduct a
  "black bag" job on your house, search through your belongings -- and
  not even inform you they were there for a full six months.
          * It would allow federal agents to secretly copy your computer
  files and financial documents, and even take photographs of your
  belongings without ever notifying you. How did this happen? Lobbyists
  for the FBI quietly inserted the word "tangible" before the word
  "property" in the following sentence of the bill: "Subdivision (d) of
  such rule, as in effect on this date, is amended by inserting
  'tangible' before 'property' each place it occurs."
          Since copies of your computer's hard drive -- and photographs
  of your personal belongings -- technically are not "tangible
  FBI and DEA agents would not have to notify you.
          The "sneak and peek" provision is such a blatant violation of
  the Fourth Amendment that it even caught the attention of Republican
  Rep. Bob Barr -- normally a vociferous supporter of the government's
  War on Drugs. Barr called the underhanded maneuver "typical behavior
  from the Justice Department and the FBI. That's certainly not the way
  to conduct business when you're dealing with people's liberties."
          HR 2987 also attacks your First Amendment freedoms by creating
  several "communication crimes." It:
    * Creates a federal felony -- punishable by a 10-year prison
  term -- called "Illegal distribution of information." Section 421 of
  the bill says it shall be unlawful to "teach or demonstrate to any
  person the manufacture of a controlled substance."
          Lawyers say this provision could be used to prosecute, for
  example, an individual who told a suffering AIDS or cancer victim how
  to grow medical marijuana.
          * Makes it illegal to advertise -- even indirectly -- drug
  paraphernalia. Section 5 of the bill says it shall be illegal for any
  "communications facility" to "post, publicize, transmit, publish, link
  to, broadcast or otherwise advertise" any sort of "drug paraphernalia"
  or "controlled substances."
          So, "if you had links on your web site to sites like High
  magazine, you could be threatened with a count of indirect
  according to Keith Stroup, executive director of NORML.
          Thanks to HR 2987, the War on Drugs has become a War on Words!
          That's why your help is urgently needed. We're asking you to
  help us kill this unconstitutional, un-American legislation before it
  gets out of the House. Please take the action below, then forward this
  item to a friend.
          WHAT TO DO:
          Look at the attached list of the members of the two House
  committees that are considering this bill, Judiciary and Commerce.
  (Because these two panels are so large -- with a collective total of
  members -- there's a good chance that your representative is on one of
  them.) Then take the following action:
          (1) Call the TOLL FREE number for the Congressional
  (888) 449-3511. Then ask to speak to the office of your
  If that number is busy, try (202) 225-3121 or (202) 224-3121. The
  switchboard is open 24 hours, and most congressional offices have
  mail, so please make the call as soon as you get this message.
          WHAT TO SAY:
          (1) Identify yourself and let them know you are a voter in
  their district. Leave your name, address, complete with ZIP code, and
  phone number. Please be brief, especially if you are leaving a
          (2) Tell them to vote AGAINST the so-called Methamphetamine
  Anti-Proliferation Act, HR 2987. (If your representative sits on the
  Judiciary Committee, let them know the bill may come up for a vote
  within days. If your representative sits on the Commerce Committee,
  them know that this bill was referred to their committee last
  September, and is expected to come up for a vote in June.)
          Tell them that this bill contains so many attacks on your
  liberty that it can't possibly be amended or improved, it must be
  killed immediately!
          Let them know you are *angry* that Congress has written a bill
  that would give federal agents the power to sneak into your home.
          Inform them that you're *appalled* that they're even
  considering a law that bans the "criminal distribution of
          (3) Ask them to confirm their position on HR 2987, since
  want to show their letter to all of your friends and relatives -- who
  are also registered voters in their district.
          (4) Finally, E-mail this "action item" to a friend, and ask
  them to call their representative, too, if his or her name is on the
          Thank you for your help!
          Steve Dasbach
          National Director
          Libertarian Party
          PS: To verify any of the information above, go to
  http://thomas.loc.gov/ then type in H.R. 2987 in the box that says
  "search by bill number."
  Members of the House Judiciary Committee:
  Spencer Bachus
  Asa Hutchinson
  Howard Berman
  Mary Bono
  Elton Gallegly
  Zoe Lofgren
  Ed Rogan
  Maxine Waters
  Charles Canady
  Bill McCollum
  Joe Scarborough
  Bob Wexler
  Bob Barr
  Henry Hyde (Chairman)
  Ed Pease
  David Vitter
  William Delahunt
  Barney Frank
  Martin Meehan
  John Conyers
  New Jersey
  Steven Rothman
  New York
  Jerrold Nadler
  Anthony Weiner
  North Carolina
  Steve Chabot
  Howard Coble
  Melvin Watt
  George Gekas
  South Carolina
  Lindsey Graham
  William Jenkins
  Sheila Jackson Lee
  Lamar Smith
  Chris Cannon
  Rick Boucher
  Robert Goodlatte
  Bobby Scott
  Tammy Baldwin
  James Sensenbrenner
  Members of the House Commerce Committee:
  John B. Shadegg
  Brian P. Bilbray
  Lois Capps
  Christopher Cox
  Anna G. Eshoo
  James E. Rogan
  Henry A. Waxman
  Diana DeGette
  Michael Bilirakis
  Peter Deutsch
  Cliff Stearns
  Nathan Deal
  Charlie Norwood
  Bobby L. Rush
  John Shimkus
  Greg Ganske
  Ed Whitfield
  Billy Tauzin
  Robert Ehrlich
  Albert Wynn
  Edward J. Markey
  John D. Dingell
  Bart Stupak
  Fred Upton
  Bill Luther
  Charles Pickering
  Roy Blunt
  Karen McCarthy
  New Jersey
  Frank Pallone
  New Mexico
  Heather Wilson
  New York
  Eliot Engel
  Vito Fossella
  Rick Lazio
  Edolphus Towns
  North Carolina
  Richard Burr
  Sherrod Brown
  Paul E. Gillmor
  Michael G. Oxley
  Tom Sawyer
  Ted Strickland
  Tom A. Coburn
  Steve Largent
  James C. Greenwood
  Ron Klink
  Ed Bryant
  Bart Gordon
  Joe Barton
  Gene Green
  Ralph M. Hall
  Tom Bliley (Chairman)
  Rick Boucher
  Thomas M. Barrett
  Barbara Cubin
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