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Subject: Re: ease of joining cryonics societies
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 16:25:38 +0100

Heymike is totally correct that making it easy to sign up would make
substantial additions to recruitment..

The trouble is that it isn't the cryonics organisations that make it

It is the lawyers, or more properly those people who they may persuade to
take a law cases attacking someone's cryopreservation arrangements in order
to make themselves a bit of relatively quick money or professional esteem.

In order to fight fire with fire we need some top of the range freedom
orientated lawyer to manufacture a system of offshore trusts that is so
bloody complicated that no lawyer can be bothered to unravel it, yet is
simple for the client to sign and get on with. After all, that is exactly
what life insurance companies do in order to ensure that life policies
aren't financially raped by the government and litigators. Many people
recommend life policies, because of the safety aspects, despite the fact
that at the end of the day the difference (for a young person starting out)
between the result of life insurance and direct investment is millions of

However important getting the money through is, there is one thing that is
more important - getting the body through. This where the complications
really start. There are so many other personal and financial interests
involved. "What would happen if everyone does it" is the cry that is wielded
against anything out of the ordinary. especially when people see their
professions, careers and jobs on the line.

That same freedom orientated lawyer needs to design and set up something
that makes people (individuals or government employees) too afraid of losing
their money through litigation to dare to attack a cryopreservation. Again
that something has to have the characteristics of a manufactured product -
just sign on the bottom line and you have the might of the insurance
companies * - sorry offshore cryonics companies - around you.  I am sure it
would be possible. We cannot use terrorism or illegal threats, however in a
prosperous property owning society the law is becoming a weapon far more
terrible that can be wielded by a few unreliable thugs recruited in a bar.
[* In the 1950s insurance was marketed exactly like that using that

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the voting page.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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