X-Message-Number: 13935
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 15:16:35 EDT
Subject: Brain's reader strategy

Perfecting cryostasis is largely  a biochemical problem, that is a "soft",
small scale technology. On the other hand, a brain reader
is an enormous machine, well rooted in the biggest technology.
The final cost may well be in the billion $ range. Such a undertaking
seems impossible for a small group or an individual.

That would be true if the project was a crash program on 4 or 5 years.
If we think of it as stretched on 30 years, there is time to create
the basic infrastructure, with at each step the applications
paying for the nextstep.The end bill will not be the minimum possible
but it will what we can pay at each step.

The key word here is derivative products.
Think for example about the first chemical laser, most of its elements
are paid by a klin used in making astronomy mirrors. Amateur
astronomers will pay in the end for that system.

There is a laser news group on Internet, many members would
be interested to buy some critical elements of a big chemical laser,
this is another market to tape. Both, can justify to create a corporation.
Selling them after some year may pay for another step on the brain

The High Power Rocketry (amateur's rocketry) market
may be explored with the first test article of the pulse
rocket system used in the laser.

The key issue here is not about rockets, lasers or astronomy,
it is about finding markets and people interested in subjects
relevant to a given state or componment of the system.

Even wind surfers may pay for a part of the project!

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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