X-Message-Number: 13936
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 15:40:07 EDT
Subject: Life insurance through cryonics societies

Hello all!

I just wanted to clarify my thoughts as to cryonics societies providing life 
insurance. I'm not saying they should bear the brunt of the insurance 
themselves, they should simply contract as insurance providers with a big 
insurance company.  This happens all the time in ALL sorts of industries, I'm 
familiar with some of them in rentals services, and I know that insurance 
companies, generally speaking, are happy to take some money if the odds are 
in their favor.  

ALSO, it would be very nice if the life insurance that people have through 
their work could be lumped in as part of the sum needed for suspension- 
further reducing costs to the service purchaser.  ie, I sign over my $15,000 
life insurance policy, so my cryonics service provider can then sell me 
$15,000 less insurance for the difference... resulting in lower monthly 
payments- and more likelihood I will sign up and make my payments.  

Already I hear someone saying, "oh my god what if you lose your job or need 
more money for resuscitation more money in the fund  is a good idea etc.."  
Well, this may be true, but I can always buy more insurance if I need it, 
which should be easy for an insurance carrier to provide quickly, and yes, 
its good to have extra money- but what about the person who can't afford to 
sign up now unless they have that option?  They suddenly might be able to 
afford a less expensive cryonics procedure, which could save their life. 

And, if someone should sign up, pay 1 month, and then need suspension, not 
through any deviousness or unreported illness, but possibly an unexpected 
heart attack or the like, there are insurance companies that would insure the 
cryonics society and their insurance carrier against that too.

Again, the key to signups is making it easy, and having cryonics societies 
able to sign someone up with a single phone call and a monthly payment plan 
WILL result in more signups, and therefore more stability for the cryonics 
service orgs.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Mike Donahue 

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