X-Message-Number: 13964
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 03:25:20 EDT
Subject: New (?) ideas about financing cryopreservation

Robert Ettinger has suggested a form of death insurance operated
by cryonics organizations. That may be indeed very interesting, there
remains neverthless the case for people too old or too sick to be

Here, I suggest a possible formula:

-Why not accept a credit without bank? It would works along
a line similar to that:

From signup date you pay every month/semester/year...
a given sum, for example $ 1000/ yrs. This build -up on your
account. Whatever the sum is, you are entitled to do a
cryopreservation. From that instant you must pay your debt
in a given time, using a bank credit or something else, for 
example selling some real estate, ... The risk would be more
limited for the cryonics organization that a mere "in house"
insurance scheme...

Could anyone elaborate on that idea?

 On a practical side, it would help a lot if cryonics
organizations would accept credit card. This is the norm
for sharewares, why not cryonics?

Yvan Bozzonetti.

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