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Subject: Re: the Drexlerian nanotech/cryonics link in the mind of some...
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 12:38:25 +0100

I think the other problem is for authority figures (coroners, lawyers
surgeons etc) who may realise that similar charges could be levied against
their professions and even individuals.

Some who think that they have immortality in their works and how history
treats them. If they realise that instead as regarding them as upright
pillars of society history regards them as some sort of monsters, they could
take against cryonics rather than change their behaviour. Thinks, for
example, how perception changes history. The British had concentration camps
in the Boer war - the officials involved were heroes in their time, but now
the Brits are coy about them and the rest of the world regards them as
villains. Similarly with slave traders, and similar occupations. In
medicine, blood letting, cupping and similar practises are now regarded as
barbaric. Persecuting homosexuals was performed by "right thinking" people
and governments well within living memory. The list goes on.

Of course anyone trying to stamp out cryonics purely with that end in mind
is an idiot, but such considerations can influence thinking subconsciously.
I think there is little we can do about it, but it is worthwhile examining
people's motives carefully. Similar considerations may well exist with
people who are against genetics or cloning.

Sincerely, John de Rivaz
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> Subject: the Drexlerian nanotech/cryonics link in the mind of some...
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> If Drexlerian nanotech comes about, in the full flower of its predicted
> power, then there is a decent chance that cryonic suspension will work.
> And that means that everyone who has allowed a loved one to die has,
> in effect, murdered that person.  This would be an intolerable moral
> burden for most people, making it hard for them to think clearly about
> where this technology may lead.

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