X-Message-Number: 13975
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 09:47:38 -0400
From: Thomas Donaldson <>
Subject: working for successful cryonics

Hi Eric!

I don't know whether my attitude can be characterized as "optimistic",
since there are material reasons why one society may choose to do 
that for another. 

And I will add that arrangements to do this seem to me something that
the 3 main societies should be negotiating about RIGHT NOW ... and they
aren't. They do have a partial excuse: there are megatons of issues
which cryonics societies must deal with, and they cannot do everything
needed all at once. As I suggested in my last message, if this problem
really bothers you, then the thing to do is to join a cryonics society 
and offer to work on just this problem. If each of us looks rationally
at our situation, it's clear that lots of things can go wrong. If you
really want to live longer, then the thing to do is not to decide
that it's too large a task, but instead to get to work on one of the
problems ... and by doing so make your own successful preservation
just that much more likely.

As for the reasons for one society taking over the patients of another
which may be failing, the main reason is simple. We cannot preserve
ourselves by working alone, and if one society falls apart and LOSES
its patients it casts a dark cloud on the others. Incidentally,
insurance companies do just the same thing. That's what a Reinsurance
Company does. And their reasons are much the same: if life insurance
companies go about failing without paying off their clients, then
they do their bit to impugn the whole idea of life insurance itself.

		Best and long long life,

			Thomas Donaldson

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